Why Strikemaster Door Security is Necessary For Me

Why Strikemaster Door Security is Necessary For Me

The numbers are staggering! According to the FBI, one burglary attempt occurs every 12 seconds. Around 67 percent of those burglaries, estimated at around 1.5 million per year are residential burglaries. And if that’s not enough to merit a Strikemaster Door Security System, there’s more…a lot more!

  • First, the average take from a burglary is $2,700. For less than $200 (shipping included at Amazon) you can burglar proof the front and back door.
  • Second, over 50 percent of those burglaries happen in the afternoon. Most people are not home unless they are up in years. Crooks are not looking to face anyone. And if they do, they want to deal with the most vulnerable among us.
  • Third, the average burglar is in and out of a home or apartment in 8-12 minutes. An alarm system is mostly useless because even if it’s not perceived as just another false alarm, the thieves are long gone before anyone can arrive to make a difference.
  • Fourth, on average, 7 out of 10 burglaries occur through the simple procedure of breaking open the front or back door. Expensive locks are certainly better than most cheap ones, but they are not the main security issue.

Why is kicking open door so popular for thieves?

It’s a little known secret for most homeowners and apartment renters, that the flimsiest part of a door is the wood surrounding it; the door jamb.

Most people rely on deadbolts to protect themselves, but what they don’t know is that in 99 percent of doors, that solid piece of steel that makes up the deadbolt is surrounded by cheap pine or other poor quality woods.

As a result, even if the deadbolt is 2 inches thick, it rests in a small sea of wood in the door jamb that barely puts up a sliver of resistance to force. Kicking the door causes the deadbolt to act like a metal baseball bat hitting a decorative wooden spoon. It’s no match.

Also, it doesn’t take a professional kickboxer or a UFC fighter to accomplish this move. A scrawny 120 pound 16-year-old high school dropout wanting money for drugs can just as easily make it happen to your front or back door as a 275-pound brute.

To the creep that knows, you’re basically writing a note saying, “welcome to our home. Steal whatever you want. O, and by the way, we left milk and cookies for you in the kitchen.”

Clearly, the solution is to shore up the weakest part of your door with the Strikemaster door security system.

What is the Strikemaster ii pro door reinforcement system?

The Strikemaster ii is a patented door reinforcement system that reinforces the weaknesses of the door system. (See 2020 Review here)

The heart of the system is two pieces of forged steel that are screwed together with deep 2.5 inch, case hardened screws to make your door frame steel.

Best Door Frame Reinforcement 2020
Best Door Frame Reinforcement 2020

It should be mentioned that another weakness of door safety systems is the door hinge screws. They are small and also attached only to the low quality door jamb wood. In this system, you receive case hardened screws to replace screws going into the Jamb and the door.

Also, you receive a door edge pro. This sandwiches the edge of the door next to the lock. The purpose is to keep the lock from splintering out of the door now that the door jamb has been strengthened.

In some ways, it seems as if the construction industry got together in a room and asked the question, “How can we make doors, and door locks as cheap as possible and ensure that burglars have easy access to the house.” Of course, only the first part of the statement is true.

Installing a Strikemaster ii pro door frame hinge reinforcement system, which most people can do for themselves, quickly transforms your front and rear doors into a theft deterrent home. In fact, a video showing 7th-degree black belts and pro-MMA fighters attempting to break down a door with the product installed (click here) demonstrates the wisdom of this safety system.

Why is purchasing a Strikemaster a great move compared to other home protection systems?

StrikeMaster II Pro Door and Frame Reinforcement Kit @ Amazon

While nobody, including Strikemaster, is saying not to protect yourself in other ways, there is little guarantee other systems will work to protect your home.

Americans spend on average $100 to $250 just installing a home security system and then another $20 to $35 or more for a monthly payment. Yet do security systems such as alarms and cameras really keep burglaries down? According to a New York Times article in published in December of 2017, the answer was “not really.”

Don Chon, an associate professor of justice and public safety at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama reported that in his research, the vast majority of security efforts, from buying dogs to installing alarms, has done very little to reduce the rate of burglaries,

Many other researchers have found similar results, and it makes sense when you consider that even in Delaware (the best state in the nation for catching burglars) 76% go uncaught! And if you live in Nebraska, 99% of burglars are never arrested. With Illinois, New Mexico, Kansas and Mississippi only slightly better. An astounding 87 percent of burglaries nationwide are never cleared up.

And even with the advent of facial recognition, we have to remember that this is only to weed out friends and family members. Facial recognition patterns are not a tool used by the police to solve residential crime.

What about personal safety?

The advocates for buying guns, buying mace, and learning protection training such as karate have an excellent point. But let’s dig more deeply into these ideas.

  • First of all, less than 20 % of burglars are armed, and most burglars, discovering someone is at home, flee immediately.
  • Second, roughly less than 8 percent of burglars are ever shot by their victims. So the other 92% of the time, something else went down. Side note: gun ownership should equal gun awareness and safety.
  • Third, as for self-defense, few people in the real world (as opposed to movies) successfully defend themselves in hand-to-hand combat against a crowbar. And I don’t want to try.

The logical approach then, is not to spend so much money on burglar alarms, safety lights, and cameras, and to concentrate more on preventing break-ins in the first place.

Strikemaster Installation

Strikemaster ii installation is so easy (for video click here) that the majority of customers can install the system within 30-60 minutes. And there need be no costly or difficult modification to the door. But if you have any difficulties, you can actually call the inventor and he will call you back. (The phone # is at bottom of his website.) Of course, if you choose, you can get a handyman to install it for you. A friend did mine did it in short order.

For me, a Strikemaster ii is very reasonably priced, and within a few minutes, my family is significantly protected against brute force entry; the most common break-in method. I really just want to keep the craziness out of my house.

PS. I’m looking at their Door System for French Doors for my parents. I’ll share my thoughts once I do.

StrikeMaster II Pro French Door Kit @ Amazon

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