Do Dogs Deter Burglars?

Do Dogs Deter Burglars?

Whenever the subject of deterrents comes up, sooner or later someone will ask the question, Do dogs deter burglars? Before I share with you what I discovered, let’s first define a couple words first. A deterrent is “a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something.” A defense is “a means of protecting something from” or “resisting attack.” It is…

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3 Ways To Successfully Reinforce My Front Door

Reinforce my front door

With 64% of break-ins coming through the door, and so many of them simply being kick-ins, it is no wonder that a popular question being asked is, How can I reinforce my front door? Or maybe the question to some folks should be, How can you not reinforce your front door? The problems with door…

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My 7 Point Review – Simplisafe Alarm System

7 point review simplisafe alarm systems

Home security systems can be so nice. Whether we are talking about high-end systems that will let you know your basement is flooding while you are on vacation, or modest systems that simply notify you that your door has been opened, we have come a long way. My 7 Point Review: SimpliSafe Alarm System, has been…

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The Best Door Locks – HOME SECURITY

Best door lock home security

With the understanding that the lockset is what keeps the doorway secure, and not just the lock, we turn to the subject: The Best Door Locks – Home Security? In this article we will discuss: What is the American National Standards Institute? What is the ANSI/BHMA grading system? What is a lockset? Why is a…

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What is Essential for Home Security?

What is essential for home security

In this post, we are pointing out and prioritizing those things that are essential for home security: 1. So you can truly secure your family and treasure. 2. So you can navigate through the massive ad campaigns that tend to “sell the sizzle,” rather than the steak. Home security can be broken down into three…

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Stop 23% of the burglars with home security window film!

Home Security Window Film

According to, 23% of burglars are trying to get in through your first floor windows. As I continue advocating for a strong defense of your home, today I take a look at the advantages of home security window film. CONTENTS OF THIS POST THE LAW SIMPLY CANNOT PROTECT YOU THE GOAL OF WINDOW SECURITY…

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Stop 64% of the burglars with home door security devices!

Home door security devices

Just like every home needs a door. And every entry door needs a deadbolt. All deadbolts need home door security devices. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the smoke-and-mirrors of this multi-billion dollar industry so you can save money, and sleep at night knowing your doors are secure. The issue is that…

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One of the most inexpensive home security camera systems

Inexpensive home security camera systems

If you are a do-it-yourself’er that is looking for ways to increase the security of your home, I have found just the thing. This is one of the most inexpensive home security camera systems you can put together yourself. Maybe you want to monitor your entryways? Or maybe you need to keep an eye on…

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Should you buy Dummy Outdoor Security Cameras?

Dummy outdoor security Cameras

As you address your home security needs, you are likely to come across dummy outdoor security cameras. Are they a good option for you? I will help you try and answer that by looking at: Addressing our Security Strategy Focusing on Defense Understanding Deterrents Considering Detection Security strategy As we’ve discussed, home security is about defense, deterrence,…

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Do Alarms make home more secure?

Do alarms make home more secure?

HOME – the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. The idea is for this place to be secure, isn’t it? And when we partner with a security company, we believe it’s because they make home more secure. Or we wouldn’t be giving them our hard earned money, would we? So the question is,…

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