My 7 Point Review – Simplisafe Alarm System

My 7 Point Review – Simplisafe Alarm System

Home security systems can be so nice. Whether we are talking about high-end systems that will let you know your basement is flooding while you are on vacation, or modest systems that simply notify you that your door has been opened, we have come a long way.

My 7 Point Review: SimpliSafe Alarm System, has been prepared to help you understand the pros and cons, the strengths and weaknesses, and the applications and features of SimpliSafe wireless home security systems, so that you can decide if it is the unit that best suits your needs.


1. Before you consider a security system.

2. What are you looking for in a security system?

3. What you can expect to pay.

4. What packages are available from SimpliSafe?

5. What are the reviews?

6. What I like about SimpliSafe.

7. What I do not like.

Before you consider a security tresspassing

I cannot stress enough the importance of prioritizing defense over deterrence and detection. Defense is about physically keeping someone from your home. An alarm or video camera does not defend your home.

Alarms are meant to deter burglars; to scare them after they have attempted to gain entry. Sometimes these ear-piercing sounds do that, sometimes they do not.

Video cameras are meant to show you who is either trying to break into your home or who has already broken into it. Sometimes that works in your favor, sometimes it does not.

CAUTION: A security system does not actually secure your home and is only one part of an overall system or strategy to do so. So before investing in any system make sure your doors and windows are impenetrable.

One of leading security systems claims to offer, Crash & Smash Protection. Meaning what? If your door is kicked in, the alarm will go off and the video camera will take pictures. That is no protection at all!

For sure, I am not anti-alarm or anti-home monitoring. I am pro-common sense prioritizing. I believe the answer is in having a pro-security strategy, which is the only real home security system.

What are you looking for in a security system?multiple choice

There are so many things here to consider:

    • Do you want it to be mobile so you can take it with you if we move?
    • Do you want to be able to upgrade?
    • Do you want remote access?
    • Are expecting a mobile app?
    • Do you want a digital video recorder (DVR) to have your own recordings?
    • Do you want indoor, outdoor, and/or doorbell cameras?
    • Do you want wireless (battery powered) or hardwired cameras and sensors?
    • Do you want two-way talk on cameras?
    • Do you want a touchscreen console?
    • Do you want motion sensor alerts?
    • Do you want infrared night vision?
    • Do you want monitoring, and do we want it to include fire, smoke, flood, carbon monoxide and/or medical pendants?
    • Do you want two-way hands-free communication with the monitoring center (known as two-way voice monitoring)?
    • Do you want Wi-Fi, cellular and/or landline monitoring connections? (Having more than one is known as redundant monitoring. The purpose is to reduce connectivity issues.)
    • Do you want monitoring options, such as the ability to change companies?
    • Do you need a system that works with Apple and/or Google?
    • What type of alert capabilities are a must-have (phone, email & text)?
    • Do you want integration with home automation tech so it controls things like locks, lights and climate?

It should be noted that I am not presently in favor of an all-in-one integrated system. I do not believe the technology is secure enough at this time. (See Digital Trends.)

When it comes to tech, it is normal for the early roll outs to have bugs and shortcomings, but the excitement and newness of the product overcomes those deficiencies. However, in the arena of home security, that simply is not the case.

At this time, I am therefore advising clients to maintain a stand-alone strategy. In this way, if the camera system is disabled, the door locks are not compromised. If the alarm system has been hacked, the windows are still impenetrable and the security lights are still functioning.

What you can expect to pay.

Yankee dollar

There are three approaches that companies tend to take:

Some companies, like Protect America and ADT, throw in a certain amount of equipment (a package) for free, if you sign a monitoring contract. Typically, you can add more gear by raising the monthly fee. You can expect to pay between $20-$50 a month for this type of service. (SOURCE:

Other companies, like Frontpoint, sell you a package deal (plus any add-ons you might want) and charge a monitoring fee with a contract. Their packages range from $100-$500 and their plans from $35-$50 a month.  (SOURCE:

The final approach companies, like SimpliSafe, use is selling you a package and offering you monitoring. No contract necessary. Their monitoring costs $15 a month. (SOURCE:

What packages are available from SimpliSafe?

(Available from

Alpha – $234.99Simplisafe Alpha

Includes: One Base Station, One Keypad, One Entry Sensor, One Motion Detector, One Master Key Chain Remote

Bravo – $264.94Simplisafe Bravo

Includes: One Base Station, One Keypad, One Key chain remote, Four Entry Sensors, One Motion Sensor

Bravo w/ camera – $399.97Simplisafe bravo with camera

Includes: One Base Station, One Keypad, One Key chain remote, Four Entry Sensors, One Motion Sensor, One SimpliSafe Camera (sold separately $137)

Delta – $395.99simplisafe delta

Includes: One Base Station, One Keypad, Six Entry Sensors, Two Motion Detectors, One Master Key Chain Remote, One Extra Key Chain Remote, One Auxiliary Siren

Echo – $549.99simplisafe echo

Includes: One Base Station, One Keypad, Six Entry Sensors, Two Motion Detectors, One Master Key Chain, One Extra Key Chain, One Auxiliary Siren, One Smoke Alarm, One Panic Button, One Glass break Sensor

For 2018, they have done some re-branding as follows:

(Available from

simplisafe the haven

The Foundation – $229

Includes: One Base Station, One Key Pad, One Entry Sensor, One Motion Sensor

The Essentials – $259

Includes: One base station, One keypad, Three Entry Sensors, One Motion Sensor

The Hearth – $374

Includes: One Base Station, One Keypad, One Key Fob, Three Entry Sensors, One Motion Sensor, One 105dB Siren, One Smoke Detector

The Knox – $449

Includes: One Base Station, One Key Pad, One Key Fob, Six Entry Sensors, Two Motion Sensors, One 105dB Siren, One Smoke Detector ($419 at Amazon)SImplisafe the knox

The Haven – $489

Includes: One Base Station, One Key pad, One Key Fob, Four Entry Sensors, Two Motion Sensors, One 105dB Siren, One Panic Button, One Freeze Sensor, One Water Sensor, One Smoke Detector

What are the Reviews?simplisafe score from website

A visit to will provide you with an immediate pop-up showing a google review of 4.7 stars as seen above. These 10,000 reviews are reported in the lower right hand corner to be from the last 12 months.3.6 starts amazon simplisafe

A trip to Amazon tell a bit of a different story with a 3.6 overall rating.

If we mosey on over to Yelp, the stories even a bit more grim at just under 2.5.simplisafe on yelp

Consumer Affairs ranks them with 3 stars out of 5. Albeit, they are not accredited by them.Simplisage bbb score

And finally, the Better Business Bureau gives them a 3.93 out of 5. The BBB gives a composite score whereby there rating counts double that of customer reviews.

Although, these numbers are a bit disparaging, it is not unlike customers to contact the latter two organizations when they have a negative experience.

Additionally, being encouraged by Amazon and other companies, like SimpliSafe, is also not out of the ordinary. This would tend to raise the positive responses that would not otherwise take the time.

What I like about SimpliSafe.

  • No long-term contracts – just like with cell phone companies, this could be the new trend.
  • 3-year equipment warranty – standing behind your gear goes a long way.
  • 60-day money back guarantee – if you do not like it send it back. That is nice.
  • It falls more in the stand-alone, DIY category – this allows tailoring to your personal needs and wishes.

What I do not like.

  • The customer reviews are a bit troubling. However, with their new line rolling out this year, I will be excited to see if that changes.

What do like best about SimpliSafe? Do you have a system? Leave me a comment or question and I will get back with you.

6 Replies on “My 7 Point Review – Simplisafe Alarm System

  1. Hi Ct,

    Wow, I didn’t know there was so much to learn about security systems. Where I live, we hear break-ins all the time and that’s why I decided to due diligence to protect myself and my family. Most people in my neighborhood uses ADT, but I will consider Simplisafe.


  2. I never considered the difference in smash and grab and prevention.

    This is a very thorough review and well explained.

    The simply safe system is amazing and offers many different packages to help everyone and every budget.

    I will consider this simply safe system as it has no contract and is reasonbly priced monthy.

    thanks for the valuable review.

  3. My home security system is a army veteran husband. The previous owner to our house had ADT and we left the signs out, I’ve heard that will deter criminals. We don’t travel so we are so rarely away from the house more than a few hours. My mother in law’s house was broken into by a neighbor so she now has cameras. I never looked into any system but I will have to do some research into it if we are on vacation. Thanks for the information.

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