Why Strikemaster Door Security is Necessary For Me

The numbers are staggering! According to the FBI, one burglary attempt occurs every 12 seconds. Around 67 percent of those burglaries, estimated at around 1.5 million per year are residential burglaries. And if that’s not enough to merit a Strikemaster Door Security System, there’s more…a lot more! First, the average take from a burglary is…

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California Crime Record is Mixed

National Council for Home Safety and Security

The National Council for Home Safety and Security (NCHSS) released a study of the safest cities in California. The cities had to have a population over 10,000 and have submitted full reports to the FBI. This left 3,381 cities (out of a total of 9,251). The NCHSS reports: “California is in the lower half of…

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