Stop the madness! Or at least keep it out of your home. And with nearly 70% of it (break-ins that is) coming right through the door, we need to examine ALL front door security devices thoroughly.

The mechanical deadbolt is the workhorse for residential locking systems, and for good reason. A knob or key is placed inside the mechanism and turned to move the bolt to either lock or release the door. So let’s address the need for an extra secure deadbolt. It must be:

  • Grade 1
  • Key Controlled
  • Pry Proof
  • Kick Proof
  • Hack Proof
  • A Winner


The national news does not tell you about the regular people suffering from home break-ins in neighborhoods all around the country. It’s simply mundane news to them. But not to the victims.

We have Google alerts set to receive published break-ins daily and we receive more than we can read each and every single day. Most are just like this one in Bloomington, Minnesota; right through the front door!

A woman was home talking to her sister on the phone when two men, Gabrio 45 and Denzer 56, forced her door opened, grabbed her by the throat and threw her over the couch. After apparently scaring her and getting the info about their money and valuables, one of the men put her in a headlock and dragged her to the basement bedroom. There he pushed her toward a safe, demanded cash, threatened to slit her throat and kill her husband. It’s hard to even imagine the terror she was in.

Fortunately, the police were contacted (apparently by the sister) and arrived to find Denzer looking around the house. Hearing the woman screaming in the basement, they ran to find Gabrio holding the knife close to the woman. Her luck continued when Gabrio excitedly ran toward the police.

After subduing both men they were searched. They found over $7,000 on Gabrio and a fifth of a gram of methamphetamine on Denzer.

The woman suffered only minor physical injuries; a cut to her ear and bumps on her head. So this incident ended positively. But it was still horribly traumatic for the homeowner!

The takeaway is that proper door security can prevent this type of incident from happening to you and your family.


Deadbolts, door knobs, handle sets and locks are certified grade 1 through 3 by the American National Standards Institute. Deadbolts are graded based on three criteria:

ANSI logo

  1. The number of cycles they can tolerate.
  2. The number of strikes they can withstand and the pounds of those strikes.
  3. The length of the latch bolt.

Believe it or not, unless someone has upgraded your door set, the builders DID NOT use grade 1 products! So for starters, we are only looking for a deadbolt with a grade 1 ranking.


Most people have been to the hardware store and to have an key made

for emergencies or for friends and family. And most people have lost a key. So have you ever thought about how easy it would be for someone who is unfriendly to have a copy of your key made?

Key control is a system whereby not just locksmiths or hardware stores can duplicate your key. As a matter of fact, when looking for an extra secure deadbolt, we want a system where your key cannot be copied without your direct knowledge and approval.


Prying a door open consists of separating the door and the frame far enough so that the bolt is dislocated from the strike plate (as seen in this illustration below) and the door is opened.

Though a Grade 1 lock alone is not enough to prevent a door from being pried open, it is important to realize that the bolt on a Grade 2 or 3 lock is 5/8 of an inch long, while the bolt on a Grade 1 is 1 inch. This is important to know because ANSI uses describes a Grade 2 lock as, “usually used on residential doors.” And a Grade 1 lock as, “Usually used on commercial applications.” Therefore the average consumer reads the side of the packaging a buys the Grade 2 or 3 lock for their home.

So we are looking for a Grade 1 lock with extra pry proof features.


We have stated several times that the a Grade 1 certified lock is the highest ranking given by the American National Standards Institute. And that we are looking for something a cut above; that is, not just any Grade 1 lock. After all, we are talking about the safety and security of our loved ones here.

While looking for a super tough locking device, we want to make sure you are aware that what the bolt locks into is of vital importance. A steel bolt latched into a soft wood door frame can be very easily kicked in.

Our goal in this article is the deadbolt. For information on your door frame needs in stopping a forced entry, kick-in click here.


The modern approach to digital security is extremely interesting and exciting. Smart homes are all the rage. The hope of better control of utility usage, a higher level of smoke and fire safety and entertainment that is tailored for the user is compelling. But what we are looking for is security.

The question is, do you want tech controlling your family’s security or you?

We have all had computer issues. Now hook your deadbolt up to your computer and ask yourself the question, what could possibly go wrong?

Another point to think about is, does someone else know more about computers than you? If so, and your deadbolt is connected to a computer, do you actually have key security?

We have found, that without all the hype, the only way to insure that your locking device is hackproof is to buy analogue. The only reason we can find for digitally interconnected door locks is that it is cool.


In our opinion, the singular product to meet these high standards for our loved one’s premium security is the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular deadbolt. And the MT5+ is head and shoulders above what you are accustomed to seeing in your local hardware or big box store. This 2 minute video below shows the complexity of the key and the internal workings of the lock.


  • Its Grade 1 certified. This means it has been tested for 1 million open and closings, the bolt is an inch in length and it can handle at least 75 pounds of force (150 foot-pounds) 10 times. In addition to this, the MT5+ has a UL437 Listed high security drill, pick and bump resistant cylinder
  • Its Key Controlled. The MUL-T-LOCK’s Patented MT5+® Key Control System is top of the line. Their tools and technology are unmatched. To have your personal key copied, an authorized MUL-T-LOCK dealer has to use the KC5 key cutting machine AND your uniquely coded MUL-T-LOCK card.
  • Its Pry Proof. This lock has an expanding bolt made up of spring loaded ball bearings end of the bolt latch. If you are familiar with how socket locks onto a ratchet, you can imagine how this works.
  • Its Hack Proof. If you watched the video above, you can see that remaining analogue does not mean low tech. This is an extremely high tech mechanical platform that cannot be hacked because it is not digital.
  • Its Kick Proof. Kick it. Drill it. If a burglar wants to tear through this lock he’s got a fight on his hands. It has a anti drilling ring made of hardened steel to protect the inner workings.

Comparing this lock to other deadbolts is like comparing a Rolex to a sundial. This lock is far more like a fine watch with its intricacy and detailed craftsmanship. This is what people mean when they talk about an ASSA high security deadbolt. This is the extra secure deadbolt built to do the job!

Below are the best prices we’ve seen.

(We suggest the double cylinder lock if you have a glass door or a glass panel next to your door.)

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