DIY Home Security Products – Hardening the weak points

DIY Home Security Products

If we are going to make our home secure, then we’ve got to: 1) Know the mind of the would-be intruder. 2) Identify and understand the weak points in the modern home. 3) Find and obtain the best available products. Using these DIY home security products, we will be able to reinforce known security deficiencies…

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6 Home Security Facts – And a whole lot more!

Home security facts

When it comes to being safe from intruders, it’s vital that you get the home security facts. Being uninformed is how we get taken advantage of in the market place and end up being unprepared for what can turn out to be one of the most traumatic days of our lives; the day our home…

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Who doesn’t like the idea of security? Who doesn’t want to feel safe while lying in bed at night?   MAKE HOME MORE SECURE The goal of this website is to help you, the homeowner, see through the fog of fear mongering and high priced advertising in the home security sector. The facts are the…

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